Police, fire protection, roads, schools - our leaders make critical decisions every day on our behalf, and we trust them to use our tax dollars wisely. The Irvine Taxpayers Association was founded as a project of the Orange County Taxpayers Association as an effort to put a focus on important financial issues facing our community. As the prime economic engine of Orange County, Irvine residents play a crucial role in ensuring that our regional economy, neighborhoods and services thrive.


We at ITA want to keep Irvine residents informed and educated about the key issues in our city. As Irvine Taxpayers Association Chair, I am committed to fiscal soundness and making sure our City Budget and funds are spent wisely. We will promote fiscally responsible proposals which will protect Irvine taxpayers, and encourage wise governance of our city. I will work to ensure long-term fiscal soundness and to avoid the need for future tax increases. I will work to maintain and preserve the quality of life that we as Irvine residents and taxpayers have grown accustomed to while protecting us fiscally. Please submit your email address below to join our mailing list, and follow us on social media as well. 

- Carrie O'Malley

President, Irvine Taxpayers Association

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How we spend our tax dollars is a reflection of our values. 

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